Astino Uni-Purlin & Metal Framing System

The Channel Styles and Combinations You Need


Featuring the Unique Uni-Purlin Connection

No Welding


No Drilling


100% Adjustable


100% Reusable

Hex-head bolt threads easily into a spring nut, connecting fitting to channel in quick one-hand operation.

Nut teeth create a vice like grip,
tying sides together in a strong “box” configuration, when the nut is tightened against the in turned channel edges.

Several channel sizes and hundreds of fittings give you engineered solutions to a virtually limitless variety of projects.

Spring allows precision placement anywhere along channel length then holds the nut in position while connection is completed.

Insert the spring nut anywhere along the continious slotted channel. Rounded nut ends permit easy insertion.

A 90° clockwise turn aligns the grooves in the nut with the in-turned edges of the channel. Fittings can be placed anywhere along the channel opening.

Insert bolt through fitting and into the spring nut.

Addtional channel sections can now be bolted to the fitting already in place by following procedure described in step 1-3.

Tightening with a spanner locks the serrated teeth of the nut into the in-turned edges of the channel, forming a strong, vise-like connection.

The Channel Styles You Want and the Combinations You Need

Materials & Finishes



Uni-Purlin channels are steel from 1.6mm to 2.5mm, they are also available in Mild Steel, Pre-Galvanized. (G.I)

Mild Steel Channels

Mild Steel Channels are rolled using material formed by: JIS G3141 SPCC-SD equivalent to BS DIN EN 10130 and the minimum yield stress for our channel system is Ys=260N/mm2.

Pre-Galvanized Channels

Pre-Galvanized Channels are rolled using material formed by: JIS G3302 equivalent to BS EN 10326 and the minimum yield stress for our channel system is Ys=260N/mm2.

Uni-Purlin fitting Comply with BS1449Part1:1983 or BS4360:1927 and are manufactured from hot-rolled, picked and oiled steel plates, strip or coil. They have a minimum yield stress of 170N/mm2 as specified in BS6946:1988.

Comply All fittings are manufactured from 6mm thick material unless specified otherwise. Uni-Purlin fitting can also be obtained in stainless steel.

Uni-Purlin Channel Nuts are made from high quality steel bar.


Hot-Dip Galvanized
Hot-dip galvanizing is a process where completely manufactured or roll-formed steel is chemically cleaned of all contaminants and then dipped in molten zinc. This will allow a coating consisting of iron/zinc-alloys which are usually over-coated with a layer of relatively pure zinc.

All hot-dip galvanizing is applied in accordance with ASTM A123:1989/BS EN ISO 1461:1999(E) which supersedes BS729:1971. The zinc coating thickness varies from 45μm (up to 2mm thick material for bolts and nuts) to 55μm (for at least 5mm thick material).

Pre-Galvanized (G.I)
Sheet metal (steel strip) is hot-dip galvanized in a continuous process which yields an even zinc coated sheet with a bright smooth metallic finish. Materials such as stell is galvanized prior to the manufacturing (roll-forming or press operations) of channels or fittings. All “pre-galvanized” steel used is in accordance with BS2989:1982 and usually grade Z275. Pre-Galvanized Hot Dipped Zinc Coated Steel JIS G3302.

Special Coating
Special Coating are also available upon request for all the channels and fittings: Epoxy Coated, Polyester Powder Coated and Thermoplastic Coated.

Plain (Mill Finish) Steel (Black)
Uni-Purlin channels and fittings are untreated and retain an oiled surface from the rolling or pressing process. Alternative steel grades and surface finishes are available upon request, but may be subject to minimum order quantities. Hot rolled steel P&O, JIS G3131 SPHC.

A world of support for keeping production efficiency

Technical Brief

Pre-Galvanized steel

Pre-Galvanized steel (JIS G3302 SGHC/SGCC or BS EN 10142)
Pre-Galvanized steel is produced by running the steel sheet though a bath of molten zinc in a continuous process. The thickness of the zinc coating is less than that of hot dip galvanized products. This zinc coating is also interrupted at edges where the material is cut or punched. Some zinc is pushed over the cut edges during the cutting process to offer some protection. Products made from pre-galvanized materials are suitable for indoor use.

Electro Galvanized Steel (EG)

Electro galvanized steel (JIS G3313 SECC)
This is process whereby the steel is passed continuously through a series of plating cells where zinc is deposited onto the steel surface through the electrolysis process. The protective zinc coat thus obtained is relatively thinner than the material obtained by hot dip galvanizing. The finished products are usually recommended for indoor application in dry areas.

Epoxy Powder Coated (EPC)

Powder coating is a process whereby the powdered resin and the steel product are electro are statically charged with opposing potential. The powder is sprayed onto the product and an even coat is formed. The coated product is then passed through an oven for baking to produce a glossy and hard finish. This coat can provide corrosion resistance against atmospheric moisture but not against more aggressive environment. It is recommended for indoor applications.

Powder coating can be applied to products with the following finish.

Mild steel mill finish
Hot dip galvanized finish
Pre-galvanized steel finish
Electro galvanized steel finish

Hot Dip Galvanized After Fabrication (HDG)

The most common selection for outdoor application is hot dip galvanized. After the cutting, bending and welding operation, the completed product goes through a series of treatment to remove grease and rust before being immersed completely into a bath of molten zinc. This complete immersion allows the zinc to bond onto every exposed surface of the product thereby affording exceptional protection, Defending on the environment, protection , Depending on the environment, protection can last for many years.

Zinc Thickness Measurement After Hot Dip Galvanized


Wall-Mounted Pipe Supports

A combination of embedded and surface-mounted sections, plus a variety of brackets, clamps and fittings, give this Uni-Purlin installation unlimited versatility.

Steam Lines In pipe Rollers

Rollers on Uni-Purlin channel keep large pipes in place while allowing for pipe expansion and contraction as temperature change.

Ceiling Grid Lighting Supports

This Uni-Purlin grid effectively supports a variety of overhead services, including both lighting and air-handling duct work.

Tunnel Stanchions For Steam Lines

Heavy steam lines require strong, dependable support, a job perfectly suited to Uni-Purlin Metal Framing.

Ductwork Supports

Versatility allows Uni-Purlin Metal Framing to turn any three-dimensional space into a multi-use support environment.

Wall-Mounted Cable Tray Supports

Using conventional fastening methods, this Uni-Purlin channel and bracket assembly is attached directly to a block wall.

Uni-Purlin Series

UP 41×41
Weight 2.7kg per metre

UP 41×82
Weight: 5.5kg per metre

UP 82×82
Weight: 11kg per metre

Element of the Section

UP 41×41 Channel

Beam Loading Data UP 41×41
Column Loading Data UP 41×41

UP 41×82 Combination Channel

Beam Loading Data UP 41×82
Column Loading Data UP 41×82

UP 82×82 Combination Channel

Beam Loading Data UP 82×82
Column Loading Data UP 82×82

UP 20x41 Series

UP 20×41
Weight: 1.97kg per metre

UP 20×41 Double
Weight: 3.91kg per metre

Element of the Section

UP 20×41 Combination Channel

Beam Loading Data UP 20×41
Column Loading Data UP 20×41

UP 20×41 Combination Channel

Beam Loading Data UP 20×41 Double
Column Loading Data UP 20×41 Double

Uni-Purlin Pierced Channel

UP 41×41 with hole
Weight: 2.5kg per metre

UP 20×41 with hole
Weight: 1.65kg per metre

Element of the Section

UP 41×41 Pierced Channel

Beam Loading Data UP 41×41 with hole
Column Loading Data UP 41×41 with hole

UP 20×41 Pierced Channel

Beam Loading Data UP 20×41 with hole
Column Loading Data UP 20×41 with Hole

Closure Strips

UP 1184PVC


UP 2335, UP 2540

Design Load Data

1. Both ends of beams supported
2. Loads are for: UP 41×41 2.5mm thick channels
M12 hardened spring nuts
3. Safety factor = 2 based on ultimate strength of connection

Flat Plate Fittings

UP 1064

UP 1065
Weight: 157g

UP 1066
Weight: 243g

UP 1067
Weight: 330g

UP 1036
Weight: 250g

UP 1031
Weight: 339g

UP 1028
Weight: 425g

Angular Fittings

UP 1068
Weight: 159g

UP 1026
Weight: 157g

UP 110

UP 1326
Weight: 1242g

UP 1325
Weight: 1327g

UP 59

UP 1749
Weight: 194g

UP 1747
Weight: 263g

UP 1359
Weight: 458g

UP 689

UP 1713
Weight: 384g

UP 1186-135°
Weight: 256g

UP 1546-45°
Weight: 246g

UP 1033
Weight: 342g

UP 1035
Weight: 342g

UP 1034
Weight: 342g

UP 1331
Weight: 432g

UP 1332
Weight: 432g

"U" Shape Fittings

UP 4377
Weight: 760g

UP 1377
Weight: 1100g

UP 4047
Weight: 284g

UP 1047
Weight: 358g

UP 1737
Weight: 530g

UP 2346
Weight: 726g

"Z" Shape Fittings

UP ZB01 (N)
Weight: 760g

UP 4045
Weight: 180g

UP 1045
Weight: 212g

Beam Clamps

UP 1379S
Weight: 380g

M12 x 35mm Set Screw Included

Clamp Requires M12 x 25mm Hex Head Cap Screw and M12 Channel Nut Not Included.

UP 1386
Weight: 230g

Clamp Requires M12 x 35mm Hex Head Cap Screw and M12 Channel Nut Not Included.

UP 2785
Weight: 370g

M10 Hex Nuts and “U” Bolt Included

Design Load: 500kg
Use in Pairs Only
For use with Beams up to (19.1), Thick Flanges and with Channels UP 41×41, UP 20×41 and UP 20×41 Double

UP 2786
Weight: 410g

M10 Hex Nuts and “U” Bolt Included

Design Load: 500kg
Use in Pairs Only
For use with Beams up to (19.1), Thick Flanges and with Channels UP 41×82

UP 1272
Weight: 188g

UP 1271
Weight: 466g

UP 1796
Weight: 466g

M12 x 45 Cone Point Screw


Beam Clamp+Rod Bracket-MHB

Post Base Plates

Up 2072
Weight: 1.31kg

Up 2072A
Weight: 1.66kg

Up 2073
Weight: 1.68kg

UP 2073A
Weight: 2.05kg

UP 2074
Weight: 1.31kg

UP 2074A
Weight: 1.66kg

UP 2074B

UP 2075
Weight: 1.68kg

UP 2075A
Weight: 2.05kg

Cantilever Brackets

Up 254 Single

UP 254S

UP 254 Double

UP 251

UP 223

UP 223A

UP 2491 – UP 2500

Spring Nuts

Long Spring Nut

Short Spring Nut

Maximum allowbale pull-out and slip

Note: Spring nuts without spring are also available

Spring Nut Installation

Spring Nut




General Fasteners

Drop In-Anchor

TR Stud Anchor

UP 2663S

UP 2663S

UP 2663S

Threaded Rod

Flat Washer

Spring Washer

Fender Washer

Hex Nut

Coupling Nut

Pipe Clamps

UP 2400

UP 2239

SS Series

K & U Pipe / Cable Clamps

K Pipe / Cable Clamps

Cable Ladder Rung

UP 41×41 Channel

U Pipe / Cable Clamps

Cable Ladder Rung

Angle Iron



Pressure Shoe

Pipe Clip PCI-PC 28

Hexagon Bolts & Nut Included

Rubber Clip

UP 75 Series Pipe Clamps

UP 75
Standar Finish: Pre-gralvanized (PG)

Additional Beam Clamps

Papaya Clip

Disclaimer: The information on the materials presented herein is provided for informational purposes only. Astino shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from, but not limited to the usage of information provided. Any omission, error, typographical errors and technical inaccuracies relating to the information may be changed or updated without notice. Tolerance may occurred and they are subjected to change and variations in accordance to finished product’s condition. We reserve the right to alter specifications and other information without notice.

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