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Astino Greenhouse is an advanced, economical and environmental friendly solution to construction of various types of greenhouse in modern horticultural industry.

This state of the art system is designed and manufactured by our experienced professional person with story emphasis on high product quality and reliability, cost of effectiveness, easy maintenance and safe sanitary conditions.

Environmental Advantages: Features

Services promise-quality, competitively priced,on time delivery.
Quality product and proven manufacturing and supply records.
High degree of accuracy and consistency in deminsions.
Thickness options for economy design.
High tensile steel, high strength and recyclable.
Pre-punched holes and custom cut lengths facilitate contruction erection.
Termite resistance. *Term & condition apply.

Environmental Advantages: Benefits


Competitive First Cost

As a highly mechanized, closely controlled process, Galvanized IRON Steel (G.I) can be carried out very economically in large batches.

Long LIfe

Galvanized IRON steel (G.I) has many years proven performance. Long life up to seventy years is common place in most atmospheres.

Complete Coverage

Dipped in molten zinc, all parts of the surfaces are coated-inside and out-including awkward corners and narrow gaps.

Three Way Protection

Galvanized IRON Steel (G.I) protects in three ways:
– It weathers at a slow rate giving a long and predictable life.
– The coating sacrifices itself to any small areas exposed through drilling, cutting or accidental damage.
– If large areas get damaged it prevents the sideways creep of rust.

Faster Construction

Galvanized IRON Steel (G.I) is ready for use, NO further site preparation, painting or inspection is necessary. Once erected, cladding can begin immediately, thus accelerating the construction programmer.

Greenhouse Accessories

Sunshade Black Net

White Netting

2″ and 1″ U-Purlin (TT)

Galvanized Pipe Joint

PVC Plastic

G.I G-Purlin Dow Pipe


G.I T-Joint

Y Bracket

G.I End Cap


Ring Clip


G.I G-Purlin

Galvanized U-Bolt

Long Ear Clip

Galvanized Spring Hook

1/2″ Long Spring

Cooling Cell

Base Bracket

Small U-Purlin

Long Spring 2m

AA/AB Support Pipe

PVC Square Bar

Black PVC Clip

Inner U Joint

Type of Greenhouse

Front View

Not to Scale

Rear View

Not to Scale

Rear Elevation & Front Elevation

Not to Scale

Front View

Not to Scale

Product Specifications

G.I. Round Pipe

G.I. Square Pipe

G.I. Rectangular Pipe

G.I. L Truss

Cooling Cell

Framing Elevation and Section
36″ & 50″ 6 Blade Box Fan

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