Astino Small C & U Purlin

Non-load Bearing High Performance Walls

Astino Small C-Purlin & Small U-Purlin

Astino non-load bearing High Performance Walls constructed from plasterboard facings on metal studs have considerable advantages compared with traditional heavy masonry construction.

They are:

  • Lightweight
  • Quick to construct
  • Cost effective
  • Compact
  • Able to achieve high levels of fire resistance and acoustic insulation

There are various Astino systems:

  • Staggered stud systems in single track
  • Single frame systems constructed using 70mm wide Astino metal studs with Resilient Bars
  • Twin frame system constructed using two separate metal frames, 30mm apart and braced together

The selection of system, and the type, number and thickness of board layers ill depend on the partition height and the performance requiced for fire resistance and sound insulation. Refer to the performance table.

Astino Small C-Purlin

A) Side View

B) Front View

Astino Small U-Purlin

A) Side View

B) Front View

Framing & Partition Sections

Studs, Tracks & Channels

Astino further enhances its wide selection of steel sections by introducing a range of sections for steel framing and commercial partitions.

These non-load bearing systems bring new benefits to your building design – Channels, both even and odd leg, double lipped and can be “boxed” for extra strength. Additional options including web strengthening beads and embossed flanges to facilitate smooth screw fixing.

Combining 10 years of experience in metal production, with the most modern manufacturing techniques, and our progressive policy of customers care, ensure high quality, accurate and cost competitive componentry.

*REMARKS: We provide any size, please refer to the chart below.

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