Astino Multi Truss & Batten

High Degree of Accuracy and Consistency in Dimensions

Astino Multi Truss and Battens are cold-rolled forming from structure grade galvanized steel, TOC, Alluzinc and Truecore. Astino provides technical support for roof truss layout design and roof frame detailing services with load test analysis according to BS 5950 Part 5. The C-Section can be box-up for wider spans and extra strength.

Materials Specifications
Fire Rating

Class “0” file rating according to BS 476:Part 6:1989 “Method of Test for Fire Propagation For Products.”

BS 476:Part 7:1997″ Fire Tests on Building Materials and Structures. Method of test to determine the classification of the surface spread of flame of products.


Astino Multi Trusses are produced within the following tolerance:

Length: ±5mm
Web (Dim.H): ±1mm
Flange (Dim.B): ±2mm
Thickness: ±0.05mm

* Box Up

The C-shaped steel truss sections box-up bringing extra strength, design flexibility and wider spans.

* Precautions

Contact between galvanized steel and incompatible materials (e.g. Coppertube) must be avoided as premature corrosion could happen.

* Delivery, Storage and Handling

Upon delivery, exercise care in unloading, stacking, moving, storing and erecting to prevent twisting, bending, scratching or denting.

Store it in a safe, dry environment under a waterproof covering. Allow adequate ventilation to prevent condensation.

Trusses should be stored off the ground on a slightly sloped position.

* Technical Support

Using the latest technology, Astino offers an unrivalled design and support package. Each project is individually designed and tailored to provide a cost effective solutions that meet performance requirements of the clients. Detailed layout design and roof truss assembly drawings plus build quantity calculations allow installations quickly and easily.

Each truss frame designs are evaluated with load test analysis according to BS 5950:Part 5.

* Overlaps
* Fixings
Features & Benefits

Quality assurance, competitive price, on time delivery


Quality product with proven supply records


High degree of accuracy and consistency in dimensions


Different thickness availability to suit customer’s needs


High tensile steel; light weight


Detailed design with stop drawing accomplished with state-of -the-art software

C-Section Specifications

C-Section 110

C-Section 135

C-Section 153

Batten Specifications

Batten 110

Batten 121

Batten 135

Batten 152

Truss Accessories

Angle Bracket 50

Fascia Board

Prima Plank

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